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auto repair services in Sun city

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 Blake’s Auto Repair offers full-service auto repair and maintenance with
high trained and certified technicians. Let our certified technicians
handle your auto repair and maintenance needs so you can get the full
potential out of your vehicle. Whether it’s brakes, heating and air
conditioning repairs, tune-ups, or differential rebuilds there is no repair
too big or small that our highly trained and certified technicians can’t

auto repair services in menifee

services we offer

Complete Diagnostics

Oil Changes

a/c specialists




quality auto parts

tie rods/ball joints

timing belts & water pumps

catalytic converter repair

muffler repair

engine & transmission repair

Clutch Service & Repair

tune ups

in-house differential rebuilds

Transmission services

brake fluid services

Coolant services

differential fluid services

we use premium bg fluids

BG Fluids give your vehicle longer life and peak performance. You’ll enjoy decreased emissions, an increase in your fuel mileage and your internal components will be free of wear.

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Comprehensive Maintenance and Repair Services

Your vehicle’s health requires regular care and professional maintenance. Blake’s Auto Repair in Menifee delivers a full range of auto services, with a team of experienced mechanics committed to quality service.

Engine and Transmission Excellence

Your engine and transmission are the heart of your vehicle. Here you’ll find engine/transmission repair and maintenance services, including timing belts, water pumps, and transmission services to keep your car running smoothly.

BG Fluids and Specialized Services

Utilizing premium BG fluids, we offer oil changes, brake fluid services, and coolant services. BG products are known for their quality, ensuring that your vehicle receives the best in fluid maintenance.

Electrical and Diagnostic Solutions

Advanced diagnostics and automotive electrical repair are critical components of modern auto care. Our skilled technicians will diagnose and fix your electrical issues with state-of-the-art equipment.

Suspension and Braking System Upkeep

Whether it’s brakes, struts, shocks, tie rods, or ball joints, we handle your vehicle’s suspension and braking system with care, prioritizing your safety and comfort.

Heating and Air Conditioning Expertise

Don’t let a faulty heating or A/C system ruin your drive. Our A/C specialists provide comprehensive heating and air conditioning services to ensure your vehicle’s climate control is in peak condition.

Comprehensive Car Care

From tune-ups to catalytic converter repair and muffler repair, our comprehensive car care covers a wide array of maintenance services, simplifying your auto care routine.

Full Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance

Routine inspections and regular maintenance are non-negotiables for vehicle longevity. Schedule a service and stay ahead of potential issues with our full vehicle check-up program.

Menifee’s Choice for Domestic and Import Auto Repair

We are Menifee’s go-to for domestic and import auto repair, offering specialized services for a broad spectrum of vehicles, ensuring your car, whether domestic or imported, receives the best care.

Classic Car Restoration and Custom Builds

For classic car enthusiasts, our restoration and custom build services breathe new life into your timeless treasures, combining traditional techniques with modern innovations.

Reliable Differential Service

Expert differential rebuilds are within reach. Whether you require maintenance or in-house differential rebuilds, our skilled differential rebuilder is ready to ensure optimal performance.

Other Specialty Services

In addition to standard repairs, we provide clutch service, timing belt replacements, and more, catering to the unique needs of your vehicle with precision.

Auto Parts and Components

Quality matters, so we supply only the best auto parts and components, from tie rods to ball joints, each piece meeting our high standards to enhance your vehicle’s reliability and performance.